• Coronavirus or COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. The virus is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact. As a result, the UK Government has asked us all to keep to strict social distancing guidance and have prohibited the congregation of groups of people. You must adhere to Government guidance at all times whilst visiting our facilities or taking part in activities.

  • We have put in place preventative measures in line with Government guidance to reduce the spread of the virus; however, we cannot guarantee that you, your child(ren) and/or any minor for whom you have responsibility will not become infected with the virus. Further, attending our sessions and activities could increase your risk and your child(ren)’s risk of contracting the virus.

  • By agreeing to take part in activities held at or in the facilities and/or delivered by us and others, you acknowledge the contagious nature of coronavirus and voluntarily assume the risk that you, your child(ren) and/or any minor for whom you have responsibility may be exposed to or infected by the virus by attending our activities, whether at our facilities or any other place where our activities are delivered.

  • In assuming this risk you agree not to hold us responsible or accountable for any exposure to, or infection by the virus for any of the consequences of infection for you, your child(ren) and/or any minor for whom you have responsibility. By booking this activity you automatically agree to the terms of this Assumption Of Risk & Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus.

  • Upon arrival we will be completing our sign in outside the 3G. We will also be asking parents and players not to congregate before entering the camp.

  • Please kindly ensure you carry out a self-check prior to attending - ensuring both parents and children are not symptomatic or living in a household with any possible Covid – 19 infection. If children show any symptoms, they will not be able to attend.

  • Please ensure your child brings her own water bottle. We recommend you bring your own sanitiser, but there will be access to sanitiser on site.

  • Any equipment used will be cleaned. Children will be asked not to use their hands when playing with the ball.

  • There will be strict cleansing measures in place during breaks and with toilet arrangements.

  • • Distancing measures during activities and breaks

  • Signing in can take place from 9:45am.

  • In the event of heavy rain, we have access to indoor facilities.

  • Please provide a packed lunch for your child - nut free, and non fizzy drinks.

  • Children should arrive dressed in appropriate sportswear, with trainers / football boots and waterproof clothing for outdoors.

CAMP cancellation

Cancellation by Inspire Girls Football: Should it be necessary for IGF to cancel any sessions or courses, as much notice as possible will be given and you will receive a full refund, or be offered a space on the same, or similar course/session at a later date. Inspire Girls Football does not issue cash refunds for any reason.

CAMP procedure

Please make sure your child arrives no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of the session/course. We are unable to take responsibility for children who arrive earlier.

Parents/carers should arrive at least 5 minutes before the designated end time for the session/course. No child will be allowed to leave the premises until a parent/carer is there to collect them unless prior written notice is received with suitable alternative arrangements.


All IGF staff hold current child protection and DBS certification. In the event that a child makes a disclosure or a member of staff believes that the child is suffering from abuse we will act in accordance with our child protection policy, a copy of which is available on request to IGF.


IGF may on occasions take photographs/film of any of activity, the use of this data is solely for the purpose of promoting and publicising IGF activities through our social media platforms (Facebook, twitter) press and TV.

Parents/guardians who do not wish for their child to be photographed/filmed, must make IGF aware of this at the time of booking or in writing before the Activity starts. If you change your mind you can ask for a photo to be removed anytime by contacting

IGF will hold all personal data in accordance with its Privacy Policy.


IGF cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal belongings whilst attending an IGF activity.  Please ensure that no valuables are taken to any venue by your children.


A full risk assessment will be carried out before any activity takes place at a new venue. IGF staff hold a current emergency aid certificate issued by an appropriate body.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are providing consent for IGF staff to administer any necessary first aid to your child as required at any time.

For safety reasons it is compulsory for all attendees to wear shin pads for every session. IGF reserves the right to refuse permission to participate for any child not wearing shin protection.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure appropriate clothing is worn and/or available for their child for the Activity being undertaken and weather conditions.


We need to know about any medical conditions of your child in case of an incidents whilst in our care. Any medical conditions that any participant may have must be fully disclosed at the time of booking in writing to IGF at registration and to the lead coach on the activity or at the venue.


IGF has Public Liability insurance with cover provided by Inspire4Sport. Other than in relation to death, personal injury, or property damage, where IGF or its staff is proven to be negligent, IGF liability to you is limited to the booking fee paid by you.