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"Inspire The Next Generation"

IGF offer a unique girls only football opportunity. We recognise that girls football is on the rise, in addition, more demand for female coaches. With our specialised female FA licensed coaches, we have an extensive background in girls' development to cater for these demands.

We welcome any girl into the game regardless of ability, background or age. There has never been a more important time for football to play its part in supporting girls to become physically active.

Everyone at IGF has a driven commitment to provide the very best education and football coaching, whilst maintaining flexibility. 


Whether you are a Parent, Head Teacher or whatever your coaching requirements are - IGF can be relied upon to deliver expert female coaching provision. Whilst we recognise the ongoing pressures being placed within education, we believe schools should never lose sight of the importance of professional coaching.

  • Our coaches can become role models for the girls. We are aware that role models represent an opportunity for learning, growth, and inspiration towards greater things. Luckily, there's no shortage of excellent role models in women's football as well as IGF.

  • Football provides an outlet for energy and a chance for building teamwork skills. Football is a sport which requires teamwork and close coordination, it happens to be the most important aspect of the game. To succeed, the girls will need to work together with both her teammates and the coaches. While this isn't always easy at first, it can prove to be a valuable lesson for her.


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